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Elvis Presley’s first guitar

We cannot picture Elvis Presley without one of his guitars. Although his voice made him famous, he loved each and every one of his guitars and he played them very well. There are many versions of the story when he received his first guitar. People say that he would have wanted to receive a rifle or a bicycle for his 11th birthday. But his family could not afford one, so they spent $6.95 on a guitar. And this guitar changed the course of history.

Music surrounded the future King

Even since he was a kid, Elvis Presley was surrounded by music. His mother told him how we jumped up and down when he was a toddler and he wanted to sing along with the choir at the church. Back at home the child Elvis enjoyed listening to opera, gospel, pop, country, blues, mainstream pop, western music and even bluegrass. It influenced him and he had his own style that definitely charmed millions of fans.

He played his first guitar for years. It was his first guitar that he played during high school and even when he had his first recording sessions. But after 8 years of use he left his guitar. In fact, he became frustrated on scene because his guitar was not heard well and he wanted more from himself. There were not a few cases when he just threw his guitars, agitated and nervous because of the performances.

Many guitars followed after the first one. You can admire magnificent guitars in his home, Graceland, and several of them go on the auction block every once in a while. You can always become the owner of an Elvis Presley’s guitar, but you will have to pay quite a fortune for it. How much would you spend for such a gorgeous artifact?